Tirza began her career working in cross sector collaboration on environmental resource management in Egypt, Ecuador and Thailand. She was in Argentina during the economic crisis of 2001-2002, building an international network of organizations working on Corporate Social Responsibility and securing multi-year funding for the project. After turning over management to local leadership, Tirza co-founded a social enterprise and built an international network of programmers to deliver custom communication and collaboration software for international NGOs, universities, and businesses. Inspired to explore the role of creativity and embodiment, she began delivering transformational workshops in 2006. After moving to San Francisco, she focused her attention on integrating her diverse experiences into a unique offering to address the challenges of facilitating innovation and collaboration that create the world we want to live in.

Tirza learned that effective collaboration requires a diversity of voices, a safe container, and a coherent framework. In order to be innovative and productive, both individuals and enterprises, need to be clear about what is their North Star, their unmovable commitment, and then be willing to evolve their methods and strategy. Tirza found that creativity is the fuel for innovation and the source of personal well being.

Tirza is the co-founder at LUMAN, training innovation leaders and their teams. She is also the Producer of FUTURE-READY NOW!, a leadership training and global network.