In a world of hyper competition, unprecedented challenges and constant disruption, the need for more progressive approaches to the adaptability, performance, innovation and growth capabilities of individuals, teams, leaders and organisations as a whole, has never been higher on the strategic agenda.

We are LUMAN and we work with companies to make innovation a core organizational capability. We help senior teams evolve and transform their organisations in pursuit of a future-fit, innovation-led culture. A culture driven by empathy, collaborative spirit, intrapreneurship, design thinking, deep curiosity and above all else, purpose.

Working as trusted advisors to and partners with some of the world’s most trusted and successful companies, LUMAN’s proven approach blends the need for continuous results with continuous learning and transformation. The bottom line: we help ambitious organisations become exceptional.

LUMAN Intrapreneurship



Cultural Intrapreneurship

We can support you in designing or augmenting Intrapreneurship programs with culture that drive organizational culture change, while producing real value - fast.

Future of Talent

The Future of Work requires new individual capacities and cultural competencies that deliver effective communication and collaboration. We develop leaders and train your team to succeed in a world of constant change.


Launch Acceleration

Planning to launch a new product or service? Already missing deadlines? We accelerate decision making, improve collaboration and ensure a smooth launch.

Scaling Culture

Rapid growth is challenging for any team.  We can support you in locking in an effective, joyful culture whether you adding people or merging businesses.


Standalone Programs

We offer a variety of programs for innovation centers. From presentations to workshops we  introduce Cultural Intrapreneurship, Purpose-Driven Leadership, Cultural Competencies for Innovation, and personal Innovation Capacities.

Augmenting Innovation Programs

We also augment existing programs and add leadership and culture training to accelerate product innovation processes.


Convening for Action

Are you planning to bring together a diverse group and want to ensure they don't just generate ideas, but also walk away with a concrete action plan? We can support you in designing action oriented events.

Experiential Components

Already planning a gathering? We can augment your presentations and workshops with experiential components that deepen learnings and collaboration.


Experiential Learning

In a world, where information is free, experience is of increasing importance. We believe in storytelling and engaging participants, so that real shift can happen.

Frameworks over Methodologies

We don't believe there is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to organizational development. Frameworks allow for testing for comprehensiveness. They provide good questions. We think good questions are more important than having all the answers.

Awareness | Responsibility | Ownership

Our job is to turn people's lights on: to make them aware of their own operating system, to invite them to take responsibility, and to ultimately stand in ownership.

Discovery | Practice & Application | Self-Mastery

Most of our projects have three phases. We first discover together, learn about the dynamics shaping the situation, while putting a foundation in place. Then we create opportunities for our clients to exercise and practice new tools and skills in order to increase internal capacity. We guide them to ultimately step into self-mastery when they independently take things forward.

"We created a safe space for people to be authentic, to connect to their purpose and their inner genius, commit to their vision and produce value for our company and society" - Laura Engelhardt, Senior Innovation Manager, SIEMENS