A Purpose-Driven Future

From individuals to organizations focus is shifting toward purposeful activity. We are beginning to realize that the wicked problems of the world can only be solved if entire ecosystems form to address them. We believe that profit is a byproduct of good business, but that the focus needs to be on something beyond shareholder value: to create a lasting impact in the world. 

Culture is Key

Culture is how we operate, how we do things. Culture is an emergent phenomenon of complex adaptive systems, from individuals to organizations and beyond. We believe consciously crafting culture is key to transforming our systems and designing a future we want to live in.

New Capacities for Individuals

As machines are beginning to take over what hands and heads used to do, humans need new capacities to succeed in the future of work: From understanding how to embody leadership to emotional intelligence, relationship building and collaboration, from developing individual authorship to stepping up into true creative leadership.

New Agile Structures

We believe in purpose and people first, processes and platforms second. As we enter a new century, we are realizing that past structures don't necessarily serve us any longer, or in the least have become insufficient. New customer experiences will require new processes and new systems to support them.


We draw from a global network of change catalysts, consultants, trainers, futurists and experts in various fields of business design and transformation. Located primarily in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Berlin, we are connected to established and emerging thinkers, teachers and leaders across the world.

Tirza Hollenhorst

human resources, experience design, transformation, talent development, complex systems, ecology, embodiment, entrepreneurship, partnerships, leadership

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Philip Horváth

culture, transformation, archetypes, perennial wisdom, leadership, integration, enterprise modeling, complex adaptive systems and operating frameworks

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Kat Nadel

communication, culture, delight, empathy, executive support, healing, organized systems, project management, transformation

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Cris Beswick

Innovation, strategy, leadership, culture, executive, design thinking, entrepreneurship, transformation, differentiation, growth, author, thought leader, future shaper

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Aaron Lee

product development, program management, entrepreneurship, business and technology strategy, software architecture, data mining, biz intelligence

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