Today's leaders are at the forefront of a massive digital transformation in business and society.

They face challenges ranging from tracking future trends and discovering new markets, to evolving organizational structures and leadership styles that enable effective team collaboration.

But even the best leaders won't succeed without a comprehensive approach to innovation, and team members who are trained to evolve with change - while staying focused on actively creating value.

Future Forward

Imagine if everyone in your company was aligned around a clear purpose and actively looking toward the future. What would it look like if teams constantly scanned for market potential and were able to identify opportunities, acting in anticipation of exponential trends? How fast could you move, if all of your employees had the tools to evaluate and effectively launch new solutions?

Our Approach

We see what others don’t. We train you to pay attention to sophisticated distinctions, because even a small course correction can result in enormous difference in trajectory and outcomes.

Our comprehensive assessment enables us to focus on specific stages of innovation and clearly identify where the team culture is running counter to organizational purpose. We transform teams by addressing the culture and capacity gaps that delay and derail innovation efforts.

Our services

A comprehensive Culture and Leadership program for Innovation Leaders

Beginning with an assessment based on our frameworks we develop a customized program for you, your team and organization. The program might include speaking, team and individual innovation training.

An Immersive Lab Experience

Surface strategic information and visionary solutions by accessing the wisdom of your team. Especially in times of uncertainty and transformation, purpose serves as an essential guide for strategic and operational decisions.

Immersive training on Cultural Competencies and Individual Capacities for Innovation

We transform teams by addressing the culture and capacity gaps that delay and derail innovation efforts. We use an immersive lab environment that elevates team interaction to develop the capacity of each individual to collaborate in rapidly changing environments.

Personal training for Innovation Leaders and members of their teams

Innovation for the future and dealing with velocity, uncertainty and complexity require a new skillset. Through group and personal training we release the capacity of each individual to contribute and innovate.

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Speaking Topics

Future-Ready Leadership

In order for an organization to become innovative, every employee has to become innovative. Innovation starts with each individual. A motivating talk on becoming the source of solution.

Crafting a Culture of Innovation

Learn about the seven key competencies for a culture of innovation that you can immediately begin to implement in your organization.

Global Convergence and Our Planetary Future

Learn about the latest social trends and the exponential developments that will shape the 21st century.

Tirza Hollenhorst and philip horvath

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Our team

What our clients say

Tirza and Philip have a deep understanding about the challenges leaders face in the 21st Century. Join them to be prepared, your team and your board will be grateful.

Dr. Laszlo Karafiat

“Managing corporate innovation starts with leadership training. Exactly what you are doing. The training allowed me to be more aware of different perspectives, my own as well as others i work with. I would highly recommend this to anyone in a leadership position who needs to learn how to deal with constant change.”

Paul Tran VP Partner Development, Brightidea

“Thank you for the workshop; it was everything that we are aspiring to be as a company.”

Peter Schrager CEO

You and your team are very inspirational and I was very happy to participate in your event.

Kristine Galli President of Brand Development

I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and alongside you. Thank you for sharing your powerful presence and insights! I’m excited to see how your training grows and wish you many adventures in the months to come.

Katharine Hargreaves UX Design + Strategy

It was a privilege to take part and be able to absorb this wonderful information and I feel blessed to have such conscious and ambitious teachers.

Christopher Caplan Media Strategist


Unlike methodologies, frameworks are not for one-off projects. They are based on deep archetypal structures and thus support you in testing for comprehensiveness and cohesion in your approach, while serving as a timeless foundation for continuing to innovate as an organization.


About us

LUMAN was formed after recognizing the need to support Leaders with the mandate to create Innovation in their organization.
Our mission is to activate the full potential of leaders and their teams to create profitable and generative solutions for our planet.

We firmly believe that innovation is everyone’s responsibility, that leaders create leaders, and that leaders create the future.


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